• Apr14

    Harley is a local singer, songwriter, actor and model.  About the only thing he can’t do is take portraits, so I guess that’s where I come in.  I enjoy getting the chance to bust out the studio lights and take some headshots and semi-formal portraits.  As much as I like natural light photography, having complete control over the lighting is a good thing sometimes.

  • Feb5

    After a few days of rainy weather in Nashville, I finally had a nice day to take some photos downtown with Shane Martin.  Downtown Nashville was a great place to walk around with a camera – interesting buildings and textures to play with.  Fresh off of his performance at the Texaco Country Showdown at the historic Ryman Auditorium, Shane was excited to get some updated photos and also to see where the national exposure of the Showdown will take him.  My guess: pretty far!  Shane plays live solo and full-band shows all around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and a few other interesting venues across the state. Check him out sometime and support your local musicians: www.shanemartin.com

  • Feb3

    In late November/early December, I posted about the upcoming Help-Portrait event on this blog and also on Facebook.  If you supported the event in any way, here’s what your support, time and money meant to the teens we helped that day in December.  This video by Ken Jones captured the day and the reason why Help-Portrait exists perfectly . . . please watch:

    HelpPortrait 2011 Minneapolis Help Squad from Ken Jones on Vimeo.

  • Dec2

    So, do you think December is too cold to take senior portraits outside in Minnesota? Not for Ruti! She toughed it out in the bone-chilling winds of downtown St. Paul today and did a great job. I kept going through the photos trying to find one where she looked cold and couldn’t find one. There was a point when I had trouble feeling my fingers – yeah, it was that cold. Way to rock it, Ruti.

  • Nov13

    This year’s Help-Portrait event is coming up.  Please watch the video:

    We could really use your donation – any amount will help.  On Saturday, December 10th we will be blessing over 250 teens in two locations this year and we need donations to cover print costs, frames, water and other supplies needed to pull off this great event.  This is the link to donate to the Minneapolis event:


    Thank you!

  • Oct10

    World Wide Photo Walk, that’s what. 28,000 photographers of all skill levels meeting up in over 1100 small groups all over the world with one purpose: walk around and take pictures. But it’s more than that. It’s meeting new people with similar interests (photo geeks), learning something new, and making connections. The walk I participated in this year was in Chaska and wasn’t the typical photo walk. We had two models to shoot, which gave many people a chance to learn a few new things about lighting, posing and interacting with models. Here’s a few of my shots of Rob:

  • Sep29

    Had a great session with Paige on Wednesday afternoon. We shot in and around Stillwater and had great weather for photos.  Not sure how I get so lucky to have such photogenic clients, but I’m not complaining.  Yes, that’s a shotgun Paige is holding . . . she hunts and shoots in competitions.  Now here’s a girl that can pull off a gun in one photo and a prom dress in the next.  Very cool.

  • Sep25

    Enjoyed a great weekend along the North Shore in Minnesota.  Fall colors were probably about a week away from their peak, but the views and colors were still amazing.  Took the tram at Lutsen to Moose Mountain and hiked up Oberg Mountain to enjoy the overlooks at both places.  Spent a few hours after dark at Iona Beach to shoot the stars on a clear Saturday night.  The star trail photo below was an exposure of nearly an hour.  I’m still amazed at how many more stars you can see and how clearly the milky way, also pictured below, stands out when you get a few hours away from a metropolitan area.  Enjoy the photos and drive up there soon to enjoy the views first-hand!

  • Aug20

    These were taken at the Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, where a small group from the LWCC photography club had a photo walk this morning. I recently bought a macro lens and wanted to give it a trial run, so this was a great opportunity. We had a perfectly overcast morning, which created soft, even lighting. I decided not to bring a tripod (which I found out was banned in the gardens anyway), but I was still pleased with the detail of the photos even while shooting handheld.

  • Aug4

    I have a few photo shoots coming up in August and I’m always on the lookout for new locations. So when my photo bud Rod let me know he was setting out to scout some areas in Minneapolis this evening, it didn’t take me long to join him. These areas are all within walking distance of each other, yet the colors and textures give them each a unique feel.  Check back in late August to see some shots from these areas, as well as some from South Minneapolis.