• Sep13

    I had the pleasure of taking Kayla’s senior portraits last weekend, and we managed to have a great day and find some great locations.  I like mixing up both country and urban settings to give seniors lots of options for their photos.  A few more traditional and a few a bit more edgy. Kayla was great to work with and was able to keep that big, bright smile of hers on standby whenever I needed it!

  • Jul23

    I recently took some time off of work and vacationed in the Pacific Northwest, eventually making my way over to Glacier National Park. It was my third time to GNP and it never gets old. Never. I know there are a lot of great National Parks in this country, but to me, this one is a must see. The drive through the park is worth the trip alone, but there are many great hikes that present some spectacular views. Views that clear your mind and demand your full attention. So get to this park, park the car, grab your backpack and walking stick, and get out there.

  • Jul8

    Yikes, it’s been a while since my last post!  My new job has me traveling more than I expected and the weather hasn’t been all that great in 2013.  Excuses aside, I have still been taking pictures.  More recently, I took these senior portraits of Tori, who was awesome to work with.  A great smile, a great attitude and amazing perseverance to suffer through some of the most humid conditions I have ever shot in!  Enjoy the photos and look for more posts over the next few weeks as I catch up.

  • Nov21

    This will be my third year volunteering for the local Help-Portrait event. Not surprisingly, this event has grown each year and we are able to bless more and more people in need. With a talented pool of photographers, assistants, hair & makeup artists and many others, we are able to create professional portraits for hundreds of people who wouldn’t otherwise have this opportunity. But even with our talents and time, these events simply cannot happen without donations to cover the costs of printing, paper, CDs, and frames.

    If you have a little to spare, we would greatly appreciate your help: donate to the Minneapolis Help-Portrait event. The money donated using this link goes directly to help cover the costs at the event that I and others in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area are hosting. Thank you!


  • Oct3

    I decided to bring my GoPro along to the Fuel Your Fight Fall Fundraiser to capture the afternoon via time-lapse photography. While I was busy snapping regular photos of the event, the GoPro was hard at work snapping around 4500 photos behind the scenes – so check out the video below to see the results. Fuel Your Fight is a great foundation that helps support local individuals who are fighting to defeat cancer. Check out their website and think strongly about supporting them – they are doing great work!

    Fuel Your Fight – Fall Fundraiser from John Pischke on Vimeo.

  • Aug26

    Shooting sporting events is never easy, but they are always fun and rewarding.  A 7:30am race start time meant my job started at 5am, but it was an amazing day of trying to capture the determination of the racers and the spirit of the event.  Overcast skies created great lighting for us and we had just a few sprinkles to deal with towards the end, which wasn’t a problem.  I was able to shoot from one of the rescue boats for a while, which gave me a point of view few others could get.  Beyond that, I was able to run into a few friends and witness the aftermath of a marriage proposal – to which the answer was “yes.”  Each finisher received a medal which could be engraved on-site with their time – great idea.  Top three winners in each age group received custom pottery awards and the top overall Olympic-course male and female finishers walked away (rode away?) with new bikes – and, of course, well-deserved bragging rights.  It was a great, well-managed triathlon . . . enjoy the photos.

  • Jul29

    It’s time to kick off the 2013 senior portrait season and my two-part session with Catie was a great way to start things off.  She was going for a mix of nature and urban looks, so we visited Carver Park Reserve on Saturday evening and downtown Minneapolis on Sunday evening.  Catie has plans to be a sign language interpreter and eventually study for a career in fashion . . . very cool!

  • Jun24

    Just got back from a rough day of shooting the Life Time Fitness Lutsen 99er mountain bike race. I shot for over 12 hours, so my feet are sore, I have bug bites and I’m sunburned – these are facts, not complaints. I have no right to complain. Not after seeing the competitors of the race at the finish line. After all, they had just biked 99 miles through some nasty terrain at Lutsen Mountain and lived to tell about it! With a 39 mile race going on simultaneously, we had our hands full getting photos out on the course and at the finish line of all 350 racers. Hats off to the winner of the 99er, Bryson Perry, who finished with a time of 5:52:44. Think about that. 99 miles on a combination of paved road, forest service road, snowmobile trail and single track trail. Then consider how much rain the North Shore had recently and how muddy the conditions would be from that. Throw in a grueling 250 foot climb to the finish line. He did that in under 6 hours. Incredible.

  • May21

    Here are a few selects from my studio session with Kaci, who was looking to build her portfolio.  She was looking for a wide variety of looks and I think we accomplished that.  This was my first session at the “cove” in our new studio at work and I gotta say I like this room a lot – gives me a lot of options depending upon how many lights I want to use and it’s easy hauling props in and out.  Kaci is a natural in front of the camera, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Apr14

    Shane Martin typically plays solo, but he does in fact play with a band and they are actually really good. I had the chance to shoot the band at Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar & Grill” in St. Louis Park, which is a great venue for music. The weather was nice enough to get a few groups shots outside before the show. I like the fact that the stage is set up a little higher to give me a better chance for unobstructed photos. Shane’s band closed for national artist Josh Thompson, so the place was packed and most of the crowd stuck around to hear Shane and the boys play – and were rewarded for it!