Twenty Thirteen

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Twenty thirteen will be a year to remember. It started off with a career change – something new, something exciting, something needed – all within the same company I’ve been with for nearly 19 years. Transitioning from digital prepress to video production wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be, not that I still don’t have tons to learn. But my background in photography helps me understand lighting, framing and working with talent.

Travel was a big part of my year, and I have no complaints. Fort Meyers, West Palm Beach, Kingsville TX, NYC, NYC, Kingsville, Boston, Kansas City, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, Kingsville, Kingsville, El Paso, and Juarez Mexico. Whew.

Several of these trips revolved around the large video project we are doing for King Ranch, covering all of their business areas in a documentary-style video – which has literally been the assignment of a lifetime. Several of these trips also involved staying at some amazing places. Plenty of long days traveling, plenty of connection flights, plenty of delays, a few cancelled flights, a missed flight . . . zero complaints!

Random moments made the year memorable. Spending Super Bowl Sunday on the beach in Florida. Celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Losing a $1,000 piece of video equipment in the north woods – and then miraculously finding it a month later. Hiking over snow on the 4th of July in Glacier National Park. Missing a flight because a basketball team made the payload too heavy. Bitten by fire ants, chiggers and ticks while filming on location. Filming an interview with former New England Patriot football player Aaron Hernandez a week before he was arrested for murder. Being the last person to drive the original, #1 off the assembly line, 2001 King Ranch F150 before it was placed for display in their museum. Hitting a royal flush for $1038 on my way up to the North Shore. Eating crab legs in Seattle one week and crab cakes in Baltimore the next. Getting skunked deer hunting in Minnesota and seeing well over 100 deer in Texas a day later. Whew again!


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