Just got back from a rough day of shooting the Life Time Fitness Lutsen 99er mountain bike race. I shot for over 12 hours, so my feet are sore, I have bug bites and I’m sunburned – these are facts, not complaints. I have no right to complain. Not after seeing the competitors of the race at the finish line. After all, they had just biked 99 miles through some nasty terrain at Lutsen Mountain and lived to tell about it! With a 39 mile race going on simultaneously, we had our hands full getting photos out on the course and at the finish line of all 350 racers. Hats off to the winner of the 99er, Bryson Perry, who finished with a time of 5:52:44. Think about that. 99 miles on a combination of paved road, forest service road, snowmobile trail and single track trail. Then consider how much rain the North Shore had recently and how muddy the conditions would be from that. Throw in a grueling 250 foot climb to the finish line. He did that in under 6 hours. Incredible.

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