• Sep20

    Payton looks the part of a starting quarterback, doesn’t he? Throw in the fact that he’s an excellent basketball player and you’ve got quite the athlete. This is one sharp kid with a bright future, and I don’t think his sports career will end when he graduates. Can’t wait to see what lucky college lands Payton and where his talent takes him.

  • Aug23

    I’ve been taking photos of Ashley and her family for several years and it’s always fun to spend time with them. Like many of the seniors I’ve photographed, Ashley is an athlete and keeps busy with sports. Doesn’t hurt that her dad is a coach and her mom played several sports herself in high school. Must run in the genes?

  • May20

    Planned a last-minute camping trip to the Badlands in South Dakota this spring. Like so many other people, I had driven through the Badlands loop a few times on my way to the Black Hills area, but had never really spent any time in the Badlands . . . so I decided to change that. Packing up my tent, supplies and of course my camera gear, I set off to camp a few days and do some exploring. Despite a stiff wind that broke my tent, I had a great time checking out this underrated park. I had a flexible schedule, which paid off as some rain came through, allowing me the freedom to pack up a day early and break up the long drive back home with a relaxing stop in Sioux Falls. The panoramic photos are from my iPhone.

  • Feb26

    I’m always excited to check off another National Park from my list. A work trip to LA was the perfect reason to visit Joshua Tree National Park, so I tacked on a few vacation days and was able to visit this funky place. We started out in the LA area and got our fill of beaches and crowds, so wrapping up out in Joshua Tree was the perfect way to unwind. Great weather and great skies, you can’t ask for much more! The night photo was taken around midnight, with a nearly-full moon.

  • Oct5

    I had the privilege of taking Michaela’s senior portraits this Fall, and she happens to be my niece! We had a fun time finding some great areas around Alexandria to use as backdrops for her photos. And of course, we had to include our favorite cat Judy in at least a few photos.

  • Sep26

    Europe 2014

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    How can you sum up a trip to Europe in 12 photos? The answer is: you can’t! It was a blur of 15 days, starting in Prague and ending in Amsterdam, with 5 stops across Germany along the way. This was a solo trip and I definitely learned quite a bit on traveling this far and this long without any help or companionship. What I found is that European cities are just like ours, with plenty of people willing to offer help and, more importantly, willing to be patient with a foreigner who needs a quick bit of advice in the subway. So many beautiful, historic and amazing sites to visit that one trip can’t do it justice. I’ll be back, but maybe after exploring other countries first and pushing myself further out of my comfort zone.

  • Jun10

    Early June brought some great weather . . . and a great weekend for a triathlon. I was once again part of a team of photographers capturing the event in the bluffs of Winona for Lifetime Fitness. This was a typical event in that I got little sleep, felt unorganized as I jumped around the course, and ended each day feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Yet these events are so much fun to capture and it’s hard to complain when you see what the athletes go through before crossing the finish line. This particular event had three individual events spanning two days, which included a kids tri, a grueling uphill bike time trial, and a regular tri. What a blast to see the kids giving it all they had and still having the energy to dance around afterwards – I bet the adult athletes wish they had half of that energy! I focused mainly on the bike portion of the races, finding spots along the course with interesting views. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend.

  • Jan21

    Widow Might

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    Here’s is the video I shot and edited documenting our day blessing the women of Widow Might. This was one of three locations the Minneapolis Help-Portrait Team worked with this year and I was honored to be a part of it all.

  • Jan1

    Twenty Thirteen

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    Twenty thirteen will be a year to remember. It started off with a career change – something new, something exciting, something needed – all within the same company I’ve been with for nearly 19 years. Transitioning from digital prepress to video production wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be, not that I still don’t have tons to learn. But my background in photography helps me understand lighting, framing and working with talent.

    Travel was a big part of my year, and I have no complaints. Fort Meyers, West Palm Beach, Kingsville TX, NYC, NYC, Kingsville, Boston, Kansas City, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, Kingsville, Kingsville, El Paso, and Juarez Mexico. Whew.

    Several of these trips revolved around the large video project we are doing for King Ranch, covering all of their business areas in a documentary-style video – which has literally been the assignment of a lifetime. Several of these trips also involved staying at some amazing places. Plenty of long days traveling, plenty of connection flights, plenty of delays, a few cancelled flights, a missed flight . . . zero complaints!

    Random moments made the year memorable. Spending Super Bowl Sunday on the beach in Florida. Celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Losing a $1,000 piece of video equipment in the north woods – and then miraculously finding it a month later. Hiking over snow on the 4th of July in Glacier National Park. Missing a flight because a basketball team made the payload too heavy. Bitten by fire ants, chiggers and ticks while filming on location. Filming an interview with former New England Patriot football player Aaron Hernandez a week before he was arrested for murder. Being the last person to drive the original, #1 off the assembly line, 2001 King Ranch F150 before it was placed for display in their museum. Hitting a royal flush for $1038 on my way up to the North Shore. Eating crab legs in Seattle one week and crab cakes in Baltimore the next. Getting skunked deer hunting in Minnesota and seeing well over 100 deer in Texas a day later. Whew again!


  • Nov2

    December is approaching quickly, and that means it’s nearly time for Help-Portrait. Each year this movement continues to grow, and so does the need for donations. Your money goes directly to our cause, and is used to provide photo prints, frames and CDs to those in need. Take a sec to check out the link below and if you’d like to help with a few bucks, that would be awesome!